All of his life, Brandon Espino (also lovingly called Brandi) has been called “The Tall Guy.” Bring sunglasses when you meet him—the sun may blind you from looking up that much.

Tall Guy Real Estate is led by Brandon Espino. Espino served for 6 years in the United States Air Force under Space Command. Although he was passionate about his position in the USAF, Espino realized that his calling is to be in a human-centered, analytical, advocacy-heavy, and team-based environment. That’s when he turned to real estate. Not only would he be in the exact environment he was meant to be in, but he also quickly learned how great of an investment real estate is.

Brandon is here for you. He is always seeking the best options for his clients. His approach is individualized and full of curiosity. He dives into his clients’ needs and guides them through the daunting process of buying and selling homes in Colorado. He has rapidly become Colorado’s go-to for real estate consultation (including investment), start to finish transaction handling, and much more.

Espino’s favorite food combo is bread and butter.

You will not find a more dedicated, and likely taller, real estate professional than Brandon Espino.


From investing to selling to home valuation, The Tall Guy has you covered. We’re pumped to serve as your advocate, guide, coach, and listening ear as we navigate Colorado’s housing market together.

Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we serve all surrounding areas including, but certainly not limited to, Denver, Aurora, Peyton, Monument, Fountain, Pueblo, and Boulder. (Click on the links to learn more about each city on Colorado.com!)


Not sure what your house is worth? Or if it’s even a good idea to sell in the current market? That’s what this conversation is for. And that’s all it is—a conversation. You don’t sign anything, and nothing is expected of you other than providing some details so we can give you a high-quality report.


Colorado’s housing market is the hottest in the country, and investors are swarming in to take advantage of it. Want to be one of those swarming investors? Or just interested in learning what that looks like? Better Call Tall to get that conversation going before your competitors do.



Remember that home and market valuation piece we were talking about earlier? It starts there! In fact, selling is such an in-depth process, we have a whole page for it.

Military? Out of state? EVERYTHING can be done virtually—even showings!


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